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Anne is a partner in Bird & Bird’s Competition & EU Law Group and shares her time between the Brussels and Düsseldorf offices. She is a competition lawyer who steers clients through EU and national merger control, cartel and abuse proceedings, providing pragmatic, hands-on competition law advice. She has over 25 years of experience advising and representing clients in all areas of EU and German competition law. Two key areas of her practice are merger control and cartel investigations. Anne has been involved in a large number of complex merger control cases before the European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office, and regularly manages multi-jurisdictional merger control proceedings across the globe. She also represents clients in EU cartel proceedings, helps them conduct internal investigations to identify and address anti-competitive conduct and supports them in developing effective competition law compliance programmes. When clients seek Anne’s advice on how to conduct certain activities in compliance with competition law, she always tries to put herself in their shoes. Her aim is to help them find a workable solution rather than just offering legal advice. Over the years Anne has developed significant expertise in a number of sectors where technology plays an important role. This includes in particular the automotive industry as well as the electronics and telecommunications sectors. She also has a strong interest in competition law issues around (big) data and works closely with Bird & Bird’s data protection team on issues at the interface of competition and data protection law.


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700 Bulletin

Pauline Van Sande, Anne Federle The EU Commission opens in-depth investigation into the proposed acquisition of a producer of wearable tech devices by a Big Tech company on the basis that it would entrench the latter’s market position in the online advertising market (Fitbit / Google)


At the beginning of August, the European Commission opened an in-depth investigation into the acquisition of Fitbit by Google. The transaction was notified to the Commission on 15 June 2020 and Google proposed commitments to address the Commission’s preliminary concerns on 13 July 2020. (...)

Daniel Arányi, Anne Federle The EU Commission recognises the impact of the COVID-19 across Europe’s trade and issues a temporary framework for State aid measures to support the economy


Public safety measures, supply disruptions and the unprecedented dramatic decline in automotive markets as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak have forced OEMs to stop production in numerous Member States. Such decisions will of course have far-reaching direct and indirect effects on businesses (...)

Anne Federle, Pauline Van Sande The EU Court of Justice clarifies that when patent settlement agreements restrict a generic pharmaceutical company’s ability to enter the market they infringe EU antitrust rules (Generics - UK / GlaxoSmithKline / Actavis / Xellia Pharmaceuticals / Merck / Alpharma)


Article summary: Settlement Agreements Can Be Anti-Competitive Only If The Involved Companies Are (At Least) Potential Competitors. A Careful Examination Must Determine Whether A Generic Manufacturer Would Have Entered Into The Market Without A "Pay Per Delay" Agreement. The Classification Of (...)

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