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Annaïg Donadieu

Fidal (Paris)
Directeur Legal, Compliance & Risk Management

After a wide scope of experiences in the fields of distribution, competition and intellectual property as Head of legal departments for major international mass market groups, (Yves Rocher, Yves Saint Laurent, Leroy Merlin) Mrs Annaïg Giquel - Donadieu joined Fidal France, as a lawyer in 2009 in charge of Economics, Intellectual Property and New technologies Department. She also leads development actions for Fidal in Spain and France “Grand Ouest”. Graduated with three specialized Masters in Intellectual Property Laws, Business Administration and Industrial Agreements, she is teaching Competition, Distribution and Advertising laws at Faculty and she regularly contributes to legal publications.She left Fidal in 2011-2012.

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4122 Review

Annaïg Donadieu, Dominique Ferré Unfair competition : The French Supreme Court holds that the originality is not a condition to bring an unfair competition action against competitors who used catalogues and price lists (Tentation/Picoline et Laboratoire Labema)


Cass. com, 15 December 2009, Tentation v. Picoline and Laboratoire Labema, Appeal No. K 08-21.362 A distributor of cosmetic products had assigned in unfair competition competitors who used its catalogues and price lists to produce their own catalogues. The Lyon Court of Appeal had dismissed (...)

Annaïg Donadieu, Dominique Ferré Franchising : The French Supreme Court holds that a franchisor who brings multiple lawsuits to deter a competitor from contracting with its former franchisees may be found liable for abuse of law (Prodim/Francap Distribution)


Cass. com, 24 November 2009, Prodim and CSF v Francap Distribution et Établissement Ségurel, appeal no. 08-21.630 After obtaining the conviction of a former franchisee for wrongful breach of its supply agreement, a franchisor had sued the promoter of a competing network on the grounds that he (...)

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