Anna Zebrowska

Patrol (Warsaw)

Anna Żebrowska is a Registered Patent & Trademark Attorney, European Trademark Attorney, and European Design Attorney. Ms. Żebrowska is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Warsaw University.


17517 Bulletin

Anna Zebrowska, Robert Jedrzejczyk The Polish Competition Authority compels a daily sports newspaper by interim measure to cease to sell below a certain price while investigation for abuse of dominance pending (Marquard Media Poland / KTK Sport / Przeglad Sportowy)


President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (Urzad Ochrony Konkuencji i Konsumentów) (UOKIK), 3rd January 2006, Case n° RKT-03/2006, Marquard Media Poland, KTK Sport, ‘Przeglad Sportowy’ Press Release Upon the motion of the company Katowickie Towarzystwo Kapita?owe (...)

Anna Zebrowska, Marta Jaczewska The Polish Office for Competition fines a book publisher and distributors for entering into an anti-competitive price fixing agreement (Harry Potter)


In November 2004, Harbor Point - the sole owner of the ‘Harry Potter’ publishing rights for Poland - and several wholesale books distributors agreed in a meeting on certain sales conditions. An agreement was later signed between the parties whereby they decided to sell ‘Harry Potter’ books for a (...)

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