Anna Zebrowska

Patrol (Warsaw)

Anna Żebrowska is a Registered Patent & Trademark Attorney, European Trademark Attorney, and European Design Attorney. Ms. Żebrowska is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Warsaw University.

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European Stability Mechanism (ESM)


17432 Bulletin

Anna Zebrowska, Karolina Matuszewska The Polish Office for Competition and Consumer Protection finds that a local water and sewerage services supplier abused of its dominant position (MWiK)


On 28 July 2006, on behalf of the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (“OCCP”), the Head of the Katowice branch office of the OCCP by means of the decision n° RKT - 53/2006 imposed a fine of PLN 10,000 (EUR 2,552.45) on the company Miejskie Wodociagi i Kanalizacje w (...)

Anna Zebrowska, Robert Jedrzejczyk A Polish daily sports newspaper is compelled by interim measure to cease to sell below a certain price while investigation for abuse of dominance pending (Marquard Media Poland / KTK Sport / Przeglad Sportowy)


President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (Urzad Ochrony Konkuencji i Konsumentów) (UOKIK), 3rd January 2006, Case n° RKT-03/2006, Marquard Media Poland, KTK Sport, ‘Przeglad Sportowy’ Press Release Upon the motion of the company Katowickie Towarzystwo Kapita?owe (...)

Anna Zebrowska, Marta Jaczewska The Polish Office for Competition fines a book publisher and distributors for entering into an anti-competitive price fixing agreement (Harry Potter)


In November 2004, Harbor Point - the sole owner of the ‘Harry Potter’ publishing rights for Poland - and several wholesale books distributors agreed in a meeting on certain sales conditions. An agreement was later signed between the parties whereby they decided to sell ‘Harry Potter’ books for a (...)

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