Anke De Boeck


Anke De Boeck graduated in law at the University of Ghent (2007) and holds a LL.M. in Competition and Intellectual Property Law from the University of Liège (2008). She was admitted to the Brussel Bar in 2008 where she works for the Belgian law firm De Bandt Keustermans & Van den Brande. Her practice focuses on European law and Intellectual Property Law.

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8204 Bulletin

Alexandre Defossez, Anke De Boeck The Belgian Competition Council holds unlawful minimum tariffs imposed to members of a professional association on both national and EU provisions but without imposing any fine (Veterinaries Association)


The Veterinarians’ Association (“VA”) is a professional order which represents all the veterinarians established in Belgium. Its primary task is to establish a code of conduct (“the code of conduct”) which regulates various aspects of the veterinarian profession in Belgium. It also holds (...)