Andy Chen

Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan)

Professor Chen is currently the Chair and Professor in the Department of Financial and Economic Law at Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from National Taiwan University, and a Master’s degree in Law (LL.M) from Soochow University in Taiwan. He obtained his other LL.M degree from Duke University, and a Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degree from Northwestern University in the United States. His major fields of academic interest are antitrust law and policy, economic regulations, and law and economics. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on competition law, European Union law, economic law, IPRs and antitrust, tort law, and economic analysis of law. He has published widely on antitrust and related issues in Chinese and English, mainly from the perspective of economic analysis. His most recent publications include:
1. A Market-based and Synthesized Approach to Controlling Price Gouging (International Journal of Private Law, 2011)
2. Understanding Economic Law Using the Methodologies of Law and Economics: A Suggested Framework and Related Implications (in Financial Crisis, Globalization and Regulatory Reform, David A. Frenkel & Carsten Gerner-Beuerle ed., Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2012)
3. Marching Through the Next Twenty Years: Recent Developments of the Taiwan Fair Trade Law, Competition Policy International Asia Antitrust Column - 1(4), 2012)
4. The LCD Cartel: Impacts and Implications for the Competition Policy of Taiwan, (in William E. Kovacic, An Antitrust Tribute-Liber Amicorum, Vol. II , Nicolas Charbit & Elisa Ramundo ed., Institute of Competition Law, September, 2014)
5. Cartels under the Taiwan Fair Trade Act: An Evolutionary Perspective, (in Cartels in Asia: Law & Practice, Thomas Cheng, Sandra Marco Colino, & Burton Ong ed., Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, March 2015)
Professor Chen served as Commissioner of the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (TFTC) from 2007 to 2010 before resuming his academic career. During his term at the TFTC, he was responsible for the agency’s international affairs, in addition to his case-reviewing obligations. He supervised submissions and led delegates to annual meetings of the OECD Competition Committee in Paris. His familiarity with international competition laws and policies has made him a regular speaker on related topics to both government agencies and private companies. Professor Chen continues to be an advisor for the TFTC.

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909 Bulletin

Andy Chen The Taiwan Fair Trade Commission imposes record fines on independent power producers for collectively refusing to adjust the rate for wholesale electricity (Gong-Chu-Tzyh)


Introduction On March 15, 2013, the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (“TFTC”) imposed a record fine of $213.08 million (NT$6.32 billion) on nine independent power producers (“IPPs”) for collusion after the breakdown of several price renegotiations between the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) and the (...)


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