Andrzej Chajęcki

Bydgoszcz University of Technology and Life Sciences (UOKIK)

Andrzej Chajęcki is a lecturer at University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz. He was a Director of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Branch Office in Bydgoszcz (1994-2007). Andrzej holds Ph.D. a from Warsaw School of Economics. He has extensively written in specialist magazines.


4189 Bulletin

Andrzej Chajęcki, Piotr Adamczewski The Polish Act on creation and operation of large surface retail facilities deals with land use restriction as a barrier to entry in the retail distribution markets (Act of 11 May 2007)


Introduction 1. What can and cannot be done with land or how it can be used is governed by land use restriction. The present study relates to a type of such limitation namely the act on large surface retail stores. It introduces a limitation in creating new large surface retail facilities, (...)

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