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Andreas Stephan is a Professor of Competition Law and Former Head of UEA Law School. He has a background in both Law and Economics, and has widely published articles on all aspects of cartel enforcement. His research on public attitudes to price-fixing in the UK and the design of the criminal cartel offence have been cited in the UK government’s 2011 review of its competition policy regime and in a 2009 Australian Senate Standing Committee Report on the criminalisation of cartel behaviour. His other research includes an empirical study of the EU leniency programme, and work on compliance and direct settlement. He has also sat on an academic panel advising the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills on economic policy. Andreas has a particular interest in the competition laws of emerging and developing economies. He is a Non-Governmental Advisor to the International Competition Network’s (ICN) Advocacy Working Group and a member of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Research Partnership Platform.


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Andreas Stephan The EU Commission issues a statement of objection against companies offering pay-TV services for geographical market sharing (Disney / NBCUniversal / Paramount Pictures / Sony / Twentieth Century Fox / Warner Bros)


The European Commission’s Battle Over Pay-TV Services: Can Segmenting the EU Market Be Justified?* Yesterday the European Commission issued a Statement of Objections to Sky UK and six major US film studios, taking the preliminary view that restrictions put in place to prevent consumers (...)

Andreas Stephan The UK Southwark Crown Court allows reporting of the fact that at an earlier hearing the accused pleaded guilty to the charge of criminal cartel offence (Peter Nigel Snee)


Article published on Centre for Competition Policy blog. The First Real Test of Sentencing for the UK Cartel Offence* A former managing director charged with the UK’s cartel offence has pleaded guilty to the criminal offence of price fixing. Peter Nigel Snee pleaded guilty to fixing the (...)

Andreas Stephan The Chinese NDRC announces penalties of € 43 million to be imposed on six liquid crystal display makers from Korea and Taiwan (Samsung / LG / AU Optronics / Chunghwa / Chimei InnoLux / HannStar)


Article published on Centre for Competition Policy blog. The Significance of China’s First Fine on an International Cartel* On 4 January 2013, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced that CNY 353 million (around £35m) would be paid by six South Korean and (...)

Andreas Stephan The EU Court of Justice issues a preliminary ruling on disclosure of leniency documents to third parties heightening concerns about encouraging private enforcement (Pfleiderer)


ECJ Ruling in Pfleiderer Heightens Concerns about Encouraging Private Enforcement* The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that EU Law does not prohibit access to leniency documents by third parties seeking damages. Access should be determined according to national law, which must (...)

Andreas Stephan The Hellenic Competition Commission imposes over € 1 M fines on a detergents manufacturer and six supermarkets for infringement of Art. 81 EC and its domestic equivalent (Unilever)


The HCC decision concerns vertical agreements entered into by Unilever Hellas with eight Greek supermarket chains, preventing them from buying Unilever products from a third party in the period 2000-2002. In effect, this banned parallel imports of those products, preventing competition between (...)

Andreas Stephan The Hellenic Competition Commission imposes measures on the petroleum industry aimed at restoring effective competition (Greek Petroleum and Motor Oil / Hellas / Corinth Refineries)


Background On 27 August 2008, the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) launched a series of public consultations on proposed measures which would restore effective competition in the Greek Petroleum Industry. A summary of views submitted during the consultation process was published on 13 (...)

Andreas Stephan The Hellenic Competition Commission imposes a € 470,000 fine for fixing sales prices and preventing passive sales between wholesaler in the frozen vegetables for domestic consumption market (Geniki Trofimon -Vivartia)


Background On 31 March 2008, the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) imposed a €468,870 fine on Geniki Trofimon A.E. (part of Vivartia A.E.) for fixing sales prices and abusing its dominant position in the market for frozen vegetables for domestic consumption. The company was found to have (...)

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