Andrea Mackielo

University College London

Andrea Mackielo holds an LLM degree in International Business Law from University College London and a Diploma in International Trade, Investments and dispute Settlement from Universidad de Buenos Aires, where she also received her Law Degree with Honours. Her research interests include Public International Law, in particular its economic aspects: Investments, WTO rules, Intellectual Property and Competition Law. She was a practitioner in Intellectual Property at Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal (Argentina) and Assistant Professor in Public International Law at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Currently, she is an associated researcher on competition rules applicable to Intellectual Property issues from a developing country perspective, particularly in the realm of pharmaceuticals and biotech industries, a project under the auspices of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies on Industrial and Economic Law (CEIDIE), Universidad de Buenos Aires. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian.


3296 Bulletin

Andrea Mackielo The Spanish National Competition Authority imposes fines to eight wine cellars for their participation in a cartel concerning sherry wine and also condemns the Regulating Council of the name of origin of sherry wine for its role as a facilitator (Vinos Finos de Jerez)


Introduction The Spanish National Competition Authority imposed a 10% turnover fine on Sherry wine producers for establishing coordinated conducts that restricted the wine offer as well as for price fixing. At a first stage, only the Regulating Council of the Name of Origin of Sherry Wine was (...)

Andrea Mackielo The Spanish Supreme Court deals with allegations of abuse of dominant position and refusal to supply derived from former legal monopolies of tobacco products (McLane España / Tabacalera)


Introduction The present case reveals the challenges posed by the implementation of de-regulatory measures. Indeed, after many years of granting a legal monopoly over the manufacturing and distribution of tobacco products, Spain decided to supersede it by opening such market to new (...)

Andrea Mackielo The Spanish Supreme Court clarifies the course of action to be sought for the review of changing circumstances (McLane España / Dirección General de Defensa de la Competencia)


Introduction In the context of determining the appropriate remedies to be applied for an abuse of dominant position, the Spanish Supreme Court faced the question of how to tackle the lapse of time since the Administrative Authority issued its decision until the case reaches the Court for a (...)

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