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Economist (Partner) †

Official statement from RBB Economics:

It is with great sadness that we announce that Andrea Lofaro passed away early on Friday 4th December, following a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Andrea’s passing is a considerable loss both to RBB Economics and to the wider competition policy community. Having completed his PhD in economics at the European University Institute in Florence, he joined NERA in 1998, working alongside the three founders of RBB. He has been with RBB Economics since its inception in 2002, joining as Partner. He has long been recognised as one of the very best economists active in this field, who constantly impressed with the rigour and depth of his analyses. His impressive roster of cases includes many of the highest-profile cases at the European Commission, such as Sony/BMG, Dow/DuPont, Essilor/Luxottica, Siemens/Alstom, Qualcomm/ NXP, GE/Instrumentarium and GE/Alstom.

But Andrea was not just a fabulous economist. He was also an outstanding colleague and many of us counted him as a dear friend. Throughout his time at RBB

(including during his illness), he generously gave his time to train and nurture the young talent at the firm. Everyone who knew Andrea will surely miss his enthusiasm, can-do spirit and an ability to find humour just when it was needed.This was as true when he was debating a novel economic theory as it was, and perhaps even more so, when he was discussing the trials and tribulations of supporting Inter Milan, his beloved football team.

We send our sincere condolences to Jane, Andrea’s wife, and to their three boys,Thomas, Alberto and Giorgio. When COVID permits, we will properly commemorate Andrea’s life, his many achievements and his significant contribution to RBB.

Yours sincerely, All the Partners and Staff at RBB Economics.

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