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André Marie

DGCCRF (Paris)
Former Assistant Director-General & Head of Competition Policy of DGCCRF

André Marie was Assistant Director-General, Head of the Competition Policy Unit, DGCCRF until the end of April 2019. He acted as the government commissioner in the competition Authority and represents the Ministry in front of the Court of Appeal. Before assuming these duties to the DGCCRF central administration in 2007, he led the national direction of competition investigation of the DGCCRF. He now focuses on training activities in competition law.

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André Marie
André Marie 27 February 2017 Paris


2988 Review

André Marie Attorney-client privilege: The French Supreme Court confirms the extension of the protection of the rights of the defence by extending the unseizability of lawyer-client correspondence to all correspondence exchanged and related to the exercise of his rights (Cofepp)


Due to the density of this commentary, its pdf version is available HERE. In an order dated April 3, 2019, the Paris liberty and custody judge authorized a home visit and seizure of documents at the premises of Cofepp, Marie Brizard Wine § Spirits (MBWS), Copagef and Castel Frères. This (...)

André Marie Effective remedy: The First President of the Paris Court of Appeal considers that the presumptions of anti-competitive practices remaining in the file after the invalidation of the visit and seizure operations carried out at the premises of a television manufacturer justify those carried out at the plaintiff’s premises and leads to new questions on the issue of the right to an effective remedy in the case of household appliances (Whirpool)


Due to its density, the pdf version of this commentary is available HERE. Pursuant to Article L. 450-5 of the French Commercial Code, the DGCCRF had forwarded several indications to the French Competition Authority (Autorité de la Concurrence) in the sector of the manufacture and marketing of (...)

André Marie Sanctions: The French Competition Authority imposes a penalty in excess of the proposed settlement on the perpetrator of the practice, jointly and severally with several other companies taken in their capacity as parent companies, after finding that they exercised decisive influence over their subsidiary (Santerne Nord Tertiaire)


The fact that a subsidiary that participated in an illegal agreement refuses to accept the settlement proposed by the DGCCRF does not prevent the Competition Authority from imputing the facts to the parent companies jointly and severally with the subsidiary. Such a refusal therefore carries a (...)


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