Andra Rubene

Tark Grunte Sutkiene (Riga)
Lawyer (Partner)

Andra Rubene is Partner, Head of the Mergers & Acquisitions practice group, at Tark Grunte Sutkiene (Latvia). Andra specializes in M&A, Banking and Finance Law, Insurance Law, Commercial Law, Competition Law, and Employment Law.


24107 Bulletin

Andra Rubene The Latvian Administrative Regional Court confirms the Competition Authority’s decision having found the telecommunications market leader guilty of abusive tying practices (Lattelekom)


Experience of Latvia in tie-in cases Abuse of dominant position is not often established in the competition law practice in Latvia. The Competition Council of Latvia (the Council) arrives at such conclusion only a couple of times a year. Only some of the decisions of the Council are challenged (...)

Andra Rubene The Latvian Senate’s Department of Administrative Cases passes decision addressing "modernisation" of national competition law and procedural issues after coming into effect of EC Reg. n° 1/2003


What procedural issues have the Latvian courts dealt with after Reg. n° 1/2003 came into force ? The importance of knowing procedural activities It is useful to know the procedural nuances even if the particular procedural activity is performed by a competition institution. Sometimes it is (...)

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