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Anatoly Subocs

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Policy officer

Anatoly Subocs is a policy officer at the RECOVER Task Force of the European Commission, which is in charge of the €724 billion-worth EU Recovery and Resilience Facility. As a member of the R&I horizontal team, he follows the implementation of R&I-related measures across all Member States’ recovery and resilience plans. Anatoly Subocs has worked in the European Commission since 2008. Most of that time, he was part of the Directorate General for Competition investigating antitrust and merger cases in various industries (digital, aviation, pharmaceuticals, etc.). This also involved assessing the interaction between competition and innovation. He was later involved in Brexit negotiations as a member of the European Commission’s UK Task Force. Before joining the Commission, he worked in a U.S. law firm in Brussels. Anatoly studied Law at Concordia University in Tallinn, Estonia and obtained an LL.M degree in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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