Alper Koç

Balcıoğlu Selçuk Akman Keki (BASEAK)
Lawyer (Senior Associate)

Alper Koç focuses on mergers and acquisitions. His experience in acquisitions vary from equity based public and private take-overs to non-equity based deals involving acquisition of spun-off business assets and real estate based acquisitions, having advised his clients also in joint venture and option-based exit arrangements. Mr. Koç also specializes in corporate governance matters and advises his clients in daily governance matters, as advising on management liabilities, corporate decision-making processes and tailor-made structuring of voting and representation preferences. He also specializes in energy law, and has advised various multinationals in matters relating to entry into Turkish market, license transfers, and in filings with energy market authorities. He further advises his clients in regulatory matters relating to electricity generation, distribution, retail and wholesale operations also on emissions trading and capital markets derivatives based on energy products.

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