Alice Blanchet

GLS France (Toulouse)
Head of Legal and Compliance Department

Alice Blanchet is head of legal and compliance department for GLS France since May 2015. Prior to joining GLS, she worked in the antitrust group in the Davis Polk Paris office. Her practice covered different aspects of French and EU competition law, including merger notifications, anticompetitive agreements and questions relative to dominant position abuses. She was admitted to the Paris bar in 2005.


16520 Review

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Priority ruling on constitutionality : The French Supreme Administrative Court dismisses a priority preliminary ruling on constitutionality raised in the appeal against the French Competition Authority’s decision fining an undertaking for having omitted to file a merger before its implementation (Copagef)


The acquisition by the Castel group of six subsidiaries of the Patriarche group had especially marked the briefs because it was the first decision in which the Competition Authority had used the UPP test (V. la déc. 12-DCC-92, v. égal. D. Tayar and M. de l’Estang "The Competition Authority (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Conditional clearance: The European Commission approves a merger, subject to conditions, while non-coordinated effects are not well defined (Kuraray / GLSV Business)


Faced with a reduction from four to three competitors or, worse, from three to two competitors, a competition authority must be vigilant. These market developments, more often referred to in English as "four to three" or "three to two" - more rarely referred to in French as "quatre-à-trois" or (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Report: The French Competition Authority suggests to simplify merger control and to prevent the national competition authorities from adopting contradictory decisions


"For simpler, more coherent and strategic merger control in Europe". How can one not subscribe to such a programme? The report of the French Competition Authority of 16 December 2013 to the Minister for the Economy and Finance of which this is the title is already better known under the name of (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Television: The French Supreme Administrative Court annuls the decision 12-DCC-01 by which the French Competition Authority approved the acquisition of two free TV channels by a group active in the pay TV sector, subject to conditions (M6, TF1)


When the French Competition Authority authorized, on July 23, 2012, Canal Plus to acquire from the Bolloré group exclusive control of the Direct 8 and Direct Star channels, this decision was partially overshadowed by another decision issued the same day by the Authority, which again authorized (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Clerance: The French Competition Authority clears, after an in-depth review and subject to conditions, the acquisition of a sole control by a parent company which previously controlled jointly a joint venture active in the food retail market (Monoprix ; Casino Guichard-Perrachon)


Food distribution is still by far the sector of activity that gives rise to the greatest number of concentration operations in France. It accounted for 34% of decisions in 2012. Most often, these are cases that have a happy ending. Commitments are rare. Phases 2 are exceptional. Casino’s (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Merger control: The European Commission rejects a referral request made by the Portuguese, Spanish and French NCA pursuant to Article 22(3) of the Merger Control Regulation (London Stock Exchange)


Eur. com. dec. art. 22, § 3 R. 139/2004 of 4 July 2012, London Stock Exchange / LCH Clearnet, aff. COMP/M.6502 This is a concentration that did not have a Community dimension within the meaning of Regulation 139/2004. However, the acquisition of LCH Clearnet by the London Stock Exchange (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Reject of appeal: The Council of State upholds largely the decision 11-D-12 and totally the decision 12-DCC-100 of the French Competition Authority (Canal Plus)


EC, Dec. 21, 2012, Canal Plus, No. 353856 EC, Dec. 21, 2012, Canal Plus, No. 362347 One of the qualities generally recognized at Canal Plus is its talent for producing successful series with large audiences. The interest generated by the story of its acquisition of TPS was certainly neither (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Change from joint to sole control: The French Competition Authority clears, subject to conditions, the acquisition of an exclusive control by a parent company which previously controlled jointly a joint venture active in the transportation sector (Keolis - SNCF)


Aut. conc. dec. no. 12-DCC-129 of 5 September 2012 relating to the acquisition of exclusive control of the Keolis group by SNCF Participations. While the change from joint to sole control undoubtedly constitutes a change in the quality of control exercised by the shareholders and thus a (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Breach of the commitments: The French Competition Authority fines a group because of a breach of the commitments this latter submitted to the French Competition Authority in order to obtain the clearance of its acquisition of Socopa (Socopa Viandes, Groupe Bigar)


Aut. Concord, decree n° 12-D-15 of 9 July 2012 relating to compliance with the commitments contained in the decision authorising the acquisition of Socopa Viandes by Groupe Bigard. After Canal+’s conviction in 2011 for failure to comply with the commitments that had conditioned the authorization (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Market definition – Horizontal effects: The French Competition Authority cleared in phase II an acquisition in the alcoholic beverage sector subject to conditions (Quartier Français Spiritueux, Compagnie Financière Européenne de Prise de Participation)


Aut. conc. dec. no. 11-DCC-187 of December 13, 2011 relating to the acquisition of exclusive control of Quartier Français Spiritueux by Compagnie Financière Européenne de Prise de Participation Rum in non-negligible quantities, a few other alcohols and spirits, in varying proportions, barriers to (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Revocation of clearance: The French Competition Authority revokes, for the first time, the clearance of a concentration because of a breach of commitment (CanalSatellite/TPS)


Aut. conc. dec. no. 11-D-12 of September 20, 2011 relating to compliance with the commitments contained in the decision authorizing the acquisition of TPS and CanalSatellite by Vivendi Universal and Canal Plus Group That first time, Canal Plus would have been fine! On September 21, 2011, the (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Referral to the Commission: The European Commission dismisses the request of the Cypriot Competition Authority pursuant to Art. 22.1 EC Merger Reg. (Coca-Cola/Lanitis Bros)


Eur. comm. 24 February 2006, Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company/Lanitis Bros. case COMP/M.4124, published 31 March 2011 It took particular patience to read the decision in Case M. 4124 - Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company/Lanitis Bros, where the Commission rejected the request for referral (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Concept of concentration - EU Commission’s jurisdiction: The General Court rules that the Commission has no jurisdiction to order the divestment of all the shares acquired by a public bid which has been interrupted before being implemented (Aer Lingus)


Trib. EU, 6 July 2010, Aer Lingus Group v. Commission, Case T-411/07 There’s passion, there’s passion in this Irish story. Three days after the Irish Stock Exchange floated the Irish national airline Aer Lingus on the Dublin Stock Exchange, its major low-cost competitor Ryanair launched a (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Acquisition by competitor: The European Commission considers that an acquisition by an undertaking of its closest competitor raises competition concerns but clears the transaction subject to commitments (Kraft Foods/Cadbury)


Eur. comm., 6 January 2010, Kraft Foods/Cadbury, Case COMP/M.5644 There are some products for which market tests can be more testing than others. In order to properly assess the competitive effects of the takeover of Cadbury by Kraft Foods, the European Commission has examined with the utmost (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Merger review - Breach of EC law - Compensation: The ECJ rules that a grave and manifest failure by the European Commission when reviewing a merger may constitutes a sufficiently serious breach of Community law to confer a right to compensation of the loss (Schneider Electric)


ECJ, 19 July 2009, Commission v Schneider Electric SA, Case C-440/07 P The Schneider/Legrand merger will have given the European Commission a lot of trouble. This time it’s over: the Court has whistled the end of the game. But there were so many twists and turns before it came to this! All in (...)

Alice Blanchet, Jean-Mathieu Cot Maverick: The European Commission clears the acquisition of network of fuel stations in Scandinavia by a large integrated oil and gas company subject to the divestment of a large number of fuel stations, because of the risk of the disappearance of the most efficient low-cost operator (StatoilHydro / ConocoPhillips)


EC Commission, 21 October 2008, StatoilHydro / ConocoPhillips, Case COMP/M.4919 In March 2007 the Commission had cleared the merger between Statoil and Norsk Hydro in the first phase and without conditions (Case COMP/M.4545), thus giving an easy blessing to this marriage between two oil and (...)


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