Alfonso Ricciardelli


Alfonso Ricciardelli is Director at SGH Macro Advisors (Europe). Alfonso studied law at “Federico II” University in Naples, Italy. In 2007 he practiced administrative law in Naples, mostly dealing with public bidding and healthcare issues. He then began a traineeship at the Studio Grande Stevens, an established Italian corporate law firm, focusing on M & A, banking law and private equity. He subsequently obtained a Master’s degree in European Legal Studies at the College of Europe, where he studied competition law and regulation. His mother tongue is Italian. He also speaks fluent English and French.


1189 Bulletin

Alfonso Ricciardelli An Italian regional administrative tribunal annuls a decision from the NCA for ineffectiveness of the undertakings imposed to address the competition concerns raised on the market for broadcasting rights of football matches (Conto TV)


The Regional Administrative Tribunal for Lazio annuls a decision from the Italian Competition Authority for the ineffectiveness of the undertakings and forces the Authority to restart the proceedings and repeat the market test on the basis of the 287/1990 and 241/1990 laws and the EU Regulation (...)