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Alfonso Lamadrid de Pablo is Partner at Garrigues in Brussels, where he specialises in EU and Spanish competition law. He obtained his Law degree with an certificate of specialisation in EU Law from San Pablo-CEU University in Madrid (First class honours) and holds LL.M degrees from the College of Europe (très bien; scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Harvard Law School (scholarship from the Fundación Ramón Areces). His practice covers issues related to cartel proceedings, anti-competitive agreements, merger control and state aid rules in a wide array of sectors. Alfonso has published extensively on EU and Spanish competition law matters and is a co-editor of the legal blog He regularly teaches and participates in conferences, and is a coordinator of the annual course on competition law held at the IEB (Madrid).


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Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The EU Court of Justice and General Court render two judgements on State aid showing how the Courts approach judicial review of complex economic assessments when the burden of proof is on the Commission (Frucona Kosice - Fútbol Club Barcelona)


EU Judicial Review: Major Antitrust Implications of Recent State Aid Cases* We competition lawyers often wrongly approach our discipline in isolation from the wider context in which it is applied. This is also true when it comes to judicial review. We tend to forget that antitrust is only a (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo, Sam Villiers The EU Court of Justice dismisses an appeal against the EU General Court’s judgment upholding a cartel facilitator liability (AC-Treuhand)


You may remember that earlier this year we commented on AG Wahl’s Opinion in AC-Treuhand (C-194/14 P) and anticipated that, in spite of its thought provoking reasoning, it was likely not to be followed by the Court. Well, the ECJ’s Judgment was released on Thursday, and, as expected, the General (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The EU Court of Justice dismisses the appeal while establishing that a claim for compensation for damages arising from the General Court’s failure to adjudicate within a reasonable time must be brought before the General Court itself (Gascogne)


The Groupe Gascogne Judgment (see both sides of the story)* Last week I wrote a post about the Groupe Gascogne Judgment (and other stuff) which has elicited some interest. Somehow oddly, I will now present counter-arguments against all those who… actually agreed with me. Given that I wrote (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The Spanish Competition Authority fines five main electricity companies in Spain and industry association for anticompetitive practices extending the application of the "Sham litigation" doctrine (E.On España / UNESA)


The Spanish CNC at the avant-garde of competition enforcement?* In a previous post that appeared on Chillin’Competition we referred to the Spanish Competition Authority’s decision sanctioning the main Spanish electricity companies with fines totaling some 61 million euros as a good illustration (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The U.S. District Court Southern District of New York rejects settlement between online search provider and copyright owners in the digitized books sector (Google Books Settlement)


Google Books Settlement Rejected* Some of you will recall that roughly a year ago I wrote a post on the Google Books settlement (“Google Books Settlement: It’s the search market stupid!”) in which I argued that the only competitive problem, if any, posed by the amended settlement related to the (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The EU Court of Justice issues a decision on a rubber chemicals cartel holding a parent company liable for the anticompetitive behaviour of its wholly-owned subsidiary and confirming that the presumption of parental liability is rebuttable (General Química)


The ECJ rules on parenthood (General Química v Commission)* The ECJ issued a Judgment yesterday in the General Química-Repsol case in which it partly upheld and partly annulled the General Court’s judgment dismissing the appeals against the Commission decision in the rubber chemicals cartel. In (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The EU Commission issues new guidelines on the applicability of Art. 101 TFEU to horizontal co-operation agreements equating information exchanges between competitors with cartels


Information exchange=cartel?* Many have praised the inclusion of some guidance on exchanges of information within the new EU Guidelines on horizontal agreements. Personally, I agree with those arguing that guidance from the Commission was necessary, and I acknowledge that there are some useful (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The EU General Court annuls a Commission’s decision limiting its discretion to reject complaints and addressing the issue of market definition in the luxury watches repair services and spare parts markets (CEAHR)


Wrapping up the week / Case T-427/08, CEAHR v Commission* Case T-427/08, CEAHR v Commission The complaint: The European Confederation for watch repairers associations lodged a complaint before the Commission alleging that watch manufacturers had engaged in agreements and/or concerted (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The EU General Court annuls a Commission’s decision limiting its discretion to reject complaints and addressing the issue of market definition in the luxury watches aftermarket and spare parts markets (CEAHR)


Wrapping up the week / Case T-427/08, CEAHR v Commission* This week was full of news, some of which we didn’t echo here. This is a quick overview of what has happened since Monday: The European Commission adopted its new guidelines on horizontal agreements and, as anticipated on this blog (...)

Alfonso Lamadrid De Pablo The Spanish CNC issues a resolution holding that exclusivity agreements for the sale of broadcasting rights for national football championship exceeding three seasons are anticompetitive (Sogecable, AVS)


Sale of Football TV Rights: One size fits all?* The Spanish NCA adopted last week its long-awaited decision with regards to the sale of television rights for the national football championship. The essence of its decision is simple: agreements concluded between football clubs and television (...)

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