Alexander Gee

DG COMP (Brussels)
Case officer

Following six years working for HM Treasury, Alexander Gee joined the European Commission in 1999. He worked for two years in DG Justice, Liberty and Security before moving to the Energy Unit in DG Competition in 2002. Here he worked amongst other things on the Energy Sector Inquiry. He now works in the Antitrust and Merger Case Support Unit in DG Competition, and followed closely the Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry.

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1841 Bulletin

3113 Review

Alexander Gee, Bruno Lasserre, Charlotte Lousberg, Ian Forrester, Nadia Calvino, Nicolas Petit, Peter Freeman Sector inquiries: Complements or substitutes for antitrust enforcement? (New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference, 15th February 2010)


Sector inquiries: Complements or substitutes for antitrust enforcement? General introduction Frédéric JENNY President, OECD Competition Committee President of the International board of the Review Concurrences Professor, Co-Director of the Centre Européen de Droit et d’Economie, ESSEC, Paris (...)

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