Alain Gauvin

Kingfisher (Paris), Carrefour (Paris)
France Legal and Statutory Executive Director

Alain Gauvin has been a lawyer in the retail sector since January 1986. He is Carrefour’s General Counsel for France since 2004. Alain Gauvin is in charge of all legal issues. He is also the secretary of Carrefour’s corporate compliance committee for France and was in charge of the investments and financing activities related to franchising until 2009. In 2009, Alain Gauvin created Carrefour’s corporate Law School for the group’s lawyers (risk management from a legal point of view). He also initiated the creation of the « Concurrence et distribution » degree at Caen University (law degree focused on competition and retail regulations). Alain Gauvin is the Chairperson of the legal committee of FCD (Fédération du Commerce et de la Distribution - French retailers association).


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Alain Gauvin, Irène Luc, Jean-Louis Fourgoux, Maurice Nussenbaum, Muriel Chagny What attractiveness of competition law at the date of reforms? (Competition’s interviews: New competitive opportunities before ordinary courts, October 18, 2016)


The third edition of “Entretiens de la concurrence”, focusing on the new economic and legal opportunities before ordinary courts, aimed to emphasise on the specific nature and assets of those jurisdictions in competition law. Having to implement competition law rules in a globalized economy, (...)


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