Adrian Ster

Musat & Asociatii (Bucharest)
Lawyer (Managing Associate)

Adrian Ster is a Managing Associate within the antitrust department of Musat & Asociatii. Adrian has been practicing competition law from 2006, he holds an LL.M in European Law from University College London and is an active member of the Bucharest Bar. Along the years he authored and co-authored a number of articles in leading local and international publications on topics varying from the implications of amendments to the competition law provisions to the practice of the Competition Council. The clients advised by Adrian in relation to competition law projects include companies many industries like telecom, advertising, real estate, energy, FMCG, pharma, etc.

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14609 Bulletin

Adrian Ster The Romanian Competition Authority finds an abuse of dominance on the markets for the delivery of addressed marketing materials and standard correspondence delivery (Romanian Post / Mailers Serv / Infopress)


On 16 December 2010 the Competition Council issued Decision 52/2011 finding that the Romanian National Post Company (“CNPR”) was guilty of an abuse of dominant position through discriminatory practices towards entities that were economically dependent upon it. I. The facts A number of (...)

Adrian Ster The Romanian Competition Authority fines €3.4 million an undertaking for providing inaccurate information during the course of an investigation on alleged anti-competitive agreement in the banking sector (Raiffeisen Bank / Société Générale)


On April the 21st 2010 the Romanian Competition Council (the ‘Council’) issued a press release stating that it had fined Raiffeisen Bank SA (‘Raiffeisen’) for supplying inaccurate information during the course of an investigation, making it the second bank fined during the course of that (...)

Adrian Ster The Romanian Competition Authority rejects a complaint regarding the market entry of generics and price-fixing in the healthcare sector (Actavis / Novartis Pharma / Novartis)


On January the 20th 2010 the Romanian Competition Council (the ‘Council’) issued the Decision 03/2010 rejecting a complaint filed by Actavis Group PTC (‘Actavis’) against two companies belonging to the Novartis Group - Novartis Pharma GmbH and Novartis AG (‘Novartis’) alleging a breach of the (...)

Adrian Ster, Georgeta Harapcea The Romanian Competition Council clears the meaning of "group" for the purposes of merger turnover calculation (CRH Denmark- Ferrobeton Dunaujvarosi Beton)


1. The law Under the Romanian Competition Law n° 21/1996 , as amended and supplemented (the “Romanian Competition Law”), an economic concentration must be notified to the Competition Council in case certain thresholds are met, namely : (i) the aggregate worldwide turnover of the undertakings (...)

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