Wang Xiaoye Liber Amicorum The Pioneer of Competition Law in China

Adrian Emch, Wendy Ng (Editors)

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Without Professor Xiaoye Wang, Chinese competition law would not be in the shape it is today. Perhaps the key competition statute – the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) – would not even have been enacted without her relentless efforts to push the competition law agenda in China. Professor Wang’s 70th birthday saw the tenth anniversary of the AML’s entry into force. It presents the ideal moment to take stock of what has been achieved in Chinese competition law over the past decade and to put the spotlight on Professor Wang’s significant contributions. In this Liber Amicorum, Professor Wang’s colleagues, friends, and admirers in China and around the world come together to celebrate her achievements to date and to discuss recent competition law developments in China and other timely topics. The variety of contributors’ backgrounds (academics, enforcers, lawyers, economists) demonstrates the abundance and range of the issues brought out in the book.

With contributions from : Adrian EMCH, Wendy NG, WANG Xianlin, ZHU Zhongliang, HAN Wei, YIN Ranran, ZENG Xiong, HOU Liyang, LI Qing, Clare Gaofen YE, Ninette DODOO, XU Guangyao, FANG Xiaomin, LIN Ping, WANG Jian, Jessica Hua SU, HU Tie, Markus LANGE, Deborah HEALEY, Eleanor M. FOX,YE Weiping, Mel MARQUIS, MENG Yanbei, XU Shiying, David GERBER, and Allan FELS.

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  • University of Melbourne
  • Hogan Lovells (Beijing)

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Date 20 November 2019

Number of pages 316

ISBN 9781939007711