Perspectives on Antitrust Compliance

Anne Riley, Andreas Stephan, Anny Tubbs

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Companies around the world are arguably at a crossroads where global compliance challenges need attention as never before. Increasingly, antitrust compliance is seen by companies not as a standalone topic, but as part of a suite of compliance efforts needed by companies to ensure that they comply with societal and shareholder expectations. This book makes an original and timely contribution to the important debate surrounding the function and design of antitrust compliance programmes. Crowding in the immense knowledge of a selection of renowned international antitrust compliance experts including academics, in-house counsel, private practitioners, economists, consulting firms and regulators, it seeks to embrace varied perspectives rather than championing one particular vision of what good antitrust compliance should look like. The publication is designed to assist all stakeholders, while appreciating that every industry and corporate entity faces unique compliance risks and that an approach that works well for one business may be less appropriate and effective for another.

Published in collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce.

Foreword by John WH Denton AO

With contributions from: Rosa M. Abrantes-Metz, Gemma Aiolfi, Mark Anderson, Sheheryar Banuri, Paula de Andrade Baqueiro, Marcio Bueno, Rasul Butt, Eduardo Caminati, Majid Charania, Emmanuel Combe, Mark Daniels, Fabrizio di Benedetto, Sean F. Ennis, John Fingleton OBE, Mary C. Gentile, Ian Giles, Ben Graham, Dina Kallay, Helen Kirk, Paul Lugard, Fran Marwood, Andrew McBride, Timothy McIver, Albert D. Metz, Amelia Miazad, Dirk Middleschulte, Guilherme Misale, Samantha Mobley, Constance Monnier, Paula Morrone, Joseph E. Murphy, Grant Murray, Sergio Napolitano, Sarah Newton, Kirstie Nicholson, Ann O’Brien, Martin Piper, Jane Shvets, Paula Farani de Azevedo Silveira, Tatiane Siqui, Alyse F. Stach, David Stallibrass, Anneleen Straetemans, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, Nadia Vassos, Jonathan Wheatcroft

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This book was presented by the editors during the webinar "The Price-Fixer: Compliance Tales from the Other Side".


  • Independant Competition Consultant
  • First Move Productions
  • University of East Anglia (Norwich)

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Date 2 March 2022

Number of pages 378

ISBN 978‑1‑939007‑18‑6