Les inspections de concurrence des autorités françaises

Nathalie Jalabert-Doury

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This book takes stock of all the legal and practical aspects of the French authorities’ competition inspections.

It deals successively with heavy inspections (dawn raids with judicial authorisation under Article L. 450-4 of the Commercial Code), criminal competition searches (Article L. 450-1, II-bis of the Commercial Code and 56 of the Code of Criminal Procedure), and simple investigations (Article L. 450-3 of the Commercial Code).

For each of these investigations, the author describes the nature of the inspection, questions its compliance with fundamental rights before describing how it was conducted, and the measures to be taken by the target company prior to any investigation and, of course, in the event of an inspection. The entire book is based on a number of examples taken from the author’s daily practice.

This book is the first volume devoted to competition inspections by the French authorities. The second volume will cover European Commission inspections, to be published shortly.

This is the first volume in this series. The second volume provides a Practitioner’s Guide dedicated to EU Competition Inspections.

Forward by Laurence Idot
Préface by André Marie
Table des Contents

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A new edition of this book was published on July 21, 2021 and is available by clicking on this link.