La réparation des préjudices causés par les pratiques anticoncurrentielles - 2e ed. Recueil de décisions commentées

Rafael Amaro & Jean-François Laborde

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This book collates and comments upon the leading decisions of the French courts in damages actions based on anticompetitive practices (cartels and abuses of a dominant position). It studies the main challenges facing both courts and litigants, including limitation, jurisdiction, evidence, conditions of liability and quantification of damages. The combined perspectives of an academic and an economic expert address the central issue of private enforcement: how and how much?

This book constitutes the second and revised edition of La réparation des préjudices causées par les pratiques anticoncurrentielles. The content has been expanded and includes the main decisions handed down in 2019 and 2020.

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Date 23 December 2020

Number of pages 324

ISBN 979-10-94201-41-1