Gun Jumping in Merger Control: A Jurisdictional Guide

Catriona Hatton, Yves Comtois & Andrea Hamilton (Editors)

As gun jumping comes to the forefront of antitrust enforcement in a number
 of important jurisdictions, this book is a timely and helpful guide for both in-house and outside counsel involved in cross-border transactions. The Mergers Working Group (“MWG”) of the of the Antitrust Committee of the International Bar Association has formulated a comparative guide concerning gun-jumping across 21 major jurisdictions, encompassing all global regions and both established and emerging merger control systems. Each country chapter comprises of a series of questions and answers based around the relevant legislation and illuminated by recent cases and decisions. These have been contributed by distinguished practitioners from around the world, and are followed by annexes on actual and hypothetical enforcement of specific conduct. The book also provides a high-level overview by the MWG of the survey’s key results, to provide insight to the international business community, their advisors as well as to competition authorities. Published in cooperation with the International Bar Association.

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Date 6 September 2019

Number of pages 476