Grands arrêts du droit de la concurrence - Volume IV Regulations

Hubert Delzangles, Francesco Martucci

This fourth volume of The Great Judgments in Competition Law covers all areas related to regulation. It brings together more than 180 commentaries on European and national decisions published in the Revue Concurrences from 2004 to 2019.

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The book attempts to describe the general principles of regulatory law before focusing on sector-specific regulation by looking at areas as varied as audiovisual and the press, electronic and postal communications, energy and transport. For each of these sectors, the book offers comments on national or European texts, court rulings but also decisions by independent administrative authorities such as the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA), the Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP), the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (CRE and CORDIS), the Autorité de Régulation des Activités Ferroviaires et Routières (ARAFER) and the Autorité de la Concurrence (ADLC). This book offers a unique overview of regulatory law in France and the European Union. This fourth volume of The Great Judgments is aimed at students and academics as well as competition and regulatory law practitioners.

Preface by Thierry Tuot
Table of Contents

With the contributions of Joëlle Adda, Orion Berg, Jean Cattan, Simon Daboussy, Hubert Delzangles, Laetitia Ghebali, Emmanuel Guillaume, Vincent Jaunet, Sylvain Justier, Jean-Philippe Kovar, Hélène Lallemand, Christophe Lemaire, Mélodie Lenglart, Guillaume Léonard, Denis Lescop, Martine Lombard, Sébastien Martin, Francesco Martucci, Michaël Perche, Pierre-Édouard Pivois, Julie Rondu, Roman Roussel, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet, Thierry Tuot, Emily Xueref-Poviac.

Volume I : Anticompetitive practices - Art. 101, 102 TFUE (ed. Laurence Idot)

Volume II : Concentrations and State Aids (ed. Laurence Idot)

Volume III : Unfair commercial practices and distribution (ed. Nicolas Ferrier and Frédéric Buy)


Publisher Concurrences

Date 25 September 2019

Number of pages 628

ISBN 9791094201237