Google, la presse et les journalistes

Guillaume Sire

The press can no longer do without Google. Indeed, the search engine has a direct influence on journalistic production as publishers seek to ensure that the information they produce can be found on the Internet. This book presents the relationship between Google and press publishers from a technical, economic, legal, social, and political point of view.

The study shows how the conditions and modalities for capturing Internet traffic are likely to influence journalists’ work, the structure of press sites, and editorial lines.

The book describes what French publishers communicate to Google, by what means and at what price, for what expected results, after what concessions. The author has met and interviewed the leading players in the French press and has analysed the strategies implemented to go through the search engine’s prism and optimise their production visibility.

This book, the result of a doctoral thesis, is a realistic reflection on what happens to news and those who tell it, given the stakes of Google referencing.

See Francis Balle’s foreword
Preface by Nathalie Sonnac
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Guillaume Sire is Senior Lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences at the Institut Français de Presse (University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas), and researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Analysis and Research on the Media.

Foreword by Francis Balle Preface by Nathalie Sonnac


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Date 30 September 2015

Number of pages 426