Frédéric Jenny Liber Amicorum Standing Up for Convergence and Relevance in Antitrust - VOL II

N. Charbit & Th. Moretto (eds.)

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Dr. Frédéric Jenny is the Renaissance man of competition policy. As an economist, scholar, judge and enforcer, he has helped transform the landscape of global competition enforcement. This second volume containing 19 new articles, addresses a range of issues to which Fred has made important intellectual and international contributions, including trade and competition, institution-building, and the new issues of online markets and theories of harm.

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With contributions from: Robert D. Anderson, Jean-François Bellis, Paulo Burnier de Silveira, Luis Campos, Guy Canivet, Alexandre Carbonnel, Pedro Caro de Sousa, John M. Connor, Paula de Andrade Baqueiro, Paula Farani de Azevedo Silveira, Eran Fish, Michal S. Gal , Douglas H. Ginsburg, Antonio Gomes, Keith Klovers, Godfrey Lam, François-Charles Laprévote, Paul Lugard, Mel Marquis, Amaury Sibon, Ingrid Vandenborre, Daniel P. Werner.

See Volume I: Frédéric Jenny Liber Amicorum, Standing Up for Convergence and Relevance in Antitrust - Volume I, 1st January 2019, Concurrences