Douglas H. Ginsburg Liber Amicorum An Antitrust Professor on the Bench Vol. I

Nicolas Charbit, Carolina Malhado, Ellie Yang (Editors)

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This first volume of Douglas H. Ginsburg Liber Amicorum gathers original essays that pay tribute to the exceptional career of Judge Ginsburg. Known in the legal community as a “giant in antitrust law,” Judge Ginsburg has heard appeals in several of the US landmark antitrust cases of our times. This volume looks at Judge Ginsburg’s career, offering a unique showcase of antitrust issues acutely analyzed by prominent lawyers, enforcers, academics, and economists from the US, Europe, and abroad.

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With contributions from: Alden F. Abbott, Margaret Artz , Anıl Acar, Gary Born, Michelle M. Burtis, John DeQ. Briggs, Terry Calvani, James Cooper, Daniel Crane, Susan Creighton, David S. Evans, Eric M. Fraser, Jamillia P. Ferris, Damien Geradin, Ilene Knable Gotts, Gönenç Gürkaynak, John Harkrider, Joshua Hazan, Thu Hoang, Keith N. Hylton, Jonathan M. Jacobson , Bruce H. Kobayashi, Gregor Langus, Marina Lao, Vilen Lipatov, Ryan S. Maddock, Danielle Morris, Damien Neven, Barak Orbach, James F. Rill, Katarzyna Sadrak, Jana I. Seidl, Hal S. Scott, D. Daniel Sokol, Jacques Steenbergen, Richard M. Steuer, Pablo Trevisán, Esra Uçtu, Nils Wahl and Joshua D. Wright.

See Volume II: Douglas H. Ginsburg Liber Amicorum, An Antitrust Professor on the Bench - Volume 2, 9 December 2020, Concurrences


Publisher Concurrences

Date 1 March 2018

Number of pages 495

ISBN 978-1-939007-62-9