Albert A. Foer Liber Amicorum A Consumer Voice in the Antitrust Arena

Nicolas Charbit, Sonia Ahmad (Editors)

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At a time of reckoning for the future of antitrust, this Liber Amicorum brings together a diverse collection of today’s leading thinkers to pay tribute to Albert Allen (Bert) Foer, founder of the American Antitrust Institute (AAI). In doing so, it illustrates the intellectual landscape of the antitrust debate, with articles that go to the heart of its goals, and others that light a path forward towards reform. Others yet delve into the pressing issues of enforcement and remedies. The variety of voices included characterize the breadth of perspectives that Bert cultivated at the AAI, from lawyers and academics to enforcers and journalists. In providing a platform for multidisciplinary discourse through the AAI, Bert helped create the foundation on which today’s movement rests, a public citizen’s voice spotlighting competition as the basis of diversity and dynamism.

With contributions from: Richard Brunell, Michael Carrier, Peter Carstensen, Cecilia (Yixi) Cheng, Harry First, Franklin Foer, Eleanor Fox, Douglas Ginsburg, Warren Grimes, John Kirkwood, John Kwoka, Robert Lande, Kexin Li, Robert Litan, Barry Lynn, Julián Peña, Christopher Sagers, Jonathan Sallet, Steve Shadowen, Maurice Stucke, Randy Stutz, Sandeep Vaheesan and Spencer Weber Waller.

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Presentation: The book was presented to Albert Foer by Nicolas Charbit at the occasion of the AAI’s 2020 Alfred E. Kahn Award for Antitrust Achievement Ceremony, hosted online by the American Antitrust Institute, on October 28, 2020.