Competition Case Law Digest - 5th Edition A Synthesis of EU, US and National Leading Cases

Frédéric Jenny, Nicolas Charbit (eds.)

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This 5th edition of the Competition Law Digest provides readers with a synthesis of leading antitrust cases from 1990 to 2021, from the EU & Member States, the US, and other relevant jurisdictions. This Digest comprises 44 essays and is structured in three main parts: Part I deals with competition rules in general (unilateral practices, mergers…), whereas Part II is dedicated to policy, procedure and enforcement (judicial review, due process & fundamental rights, inspections, private enforcement…) and Part III to specific sectors (digital, energy & environment, pharma & healthcare…). The Digest contributes towards building a corpus of information on national doctrine and precedent in the EU, US and worldwide. It is to date the sole publication which allows lawyers, economists, in-house counsels, academics and government officials to draw effective comparisons between competition case law and policies in different jurisdictions.

With contributions from Christian Ahlborn, Bernard Amory, Peter Armitage, Christian Bahr, Ciara Barbu-O’Connor, Christoph Barth, Cornelius Börner, Violetta Bourt, Leah Brannon, Alexander Brøchner, Paolo Buccirossi, George S Cary, Walid Chaiehloudj, Benjamin Cheynel, Claire Chunying Xie, Charlotte Colin-Dubuisson, Neil Cuninghame, Jessica K Delbaum, Jacques Derenne, Nele Dhondt, Maurits Dolmans, Christopher Eberhardt, Gabriella Erdei, Nicholas Forwood QC, Michal S Gal, Kristi Georgieva, Pedro Gonzaga, Daniel Gore, Thomas Graf, Frederik Gutmann, Emilie Feyler, Jessica Foley, Ian Forrester QC, Denis Fosselard, Andrea L Hamilton, Michael D Hausfeld, Savannah Haynes, Kenny Henderson, Thomas Hoehn, Bruce Hoffman, Simon Holmes, Claire Jeffs, Jérémie Jourdan, Eun Hye Kim, Robert Klotz, Christian Krohs, Pauline Kuipers, Max Küttner, Alexis B Lazda, Annabelle Lepièce, Amalia Luzzati, Sheng Li, Jacquelyn MacLennan, Mel Marquis, Anthony Maton, Margarida Matos Rosa, Sophie Mitouard, Samantha J Mobley, Jay Modrall, Henry Mostyn, Jens Munk Plum, Grant Murray, Gabriella Muscolo, Laurent de Muyter, Antonio Neto, Morten Nissen, Conor Opdebeeck-Wilson, Mark-E Orth, Nigel Parr, Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch, Richard Pepper, Marion Provost, Jan Przerwa, John Ratliff, Joost van Roosmalen, David-Julien dos Santos Goncalves, Thibault Schrepel, Heike Schweitzer, Aron Senoner, Devina Shah, John Skinner, Robbert Snelders, Marguerite Soete, Isabel Taylor, Ania Thiemann, Mélanie Thill-Tayara, Bram Vereecken, Hendrik Viaene, David R Wingfield, Wolfgang Wurmnest, Emily Xueref-Poviac, Anne-Laure-Hélène des Ylouses

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