Perspectives on Antitrust Compliance

Companies around the world are arguably at a crossroads where global compliance challenges need attention as never before. Increasingly, antitrust compliance is seen by companies not as a (...)

Date 2 March 2022
Author(s): Anne Riley, Andreas Stephan, Anny Tubbs
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Price 185€00 Turkish Competition Law

Gönenç Gürkaynak illuminates the entirety of Turkish competition law in the first such treatise of its kind, spanning across the historical roots of legislation, policy, and institutions, to (...)

Date 24 November 2021
Author(s): Gönenç Gürkaynak
Price 185€00
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Price 95€00 Les pratiques commerciales déloyales

Les pratiques restrictives de concurrence sont au cœur des préoccupations de plus en plus d’acteurs de la vie économique en raison notamment des effets néfastes qu’elles engendrent sur l’économie. (...)

Date 29 September 2021
Author(s): Erwann Kerguelen, Jean-Louis Fourgoux, Leyla Djavadi
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Price 230€00 Albert A. Foer Liber Amicorum

At a time of reckoning for the future of antitrust, this Liber Amicorum brings together a diverse collection of today’s leading thinkers to pay tribute to Albert Allen (Bert) Foer, founder of the (...)

Date 14 October 2020
Author(s): Nicolas Charbit, Sonia Ahmad (Editors)
Price 230€00
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