Price 215€00 New New Wang Xiaoye Liber Amicorum

Without Professor Xiaoye Wang, Chinese competition law would not be in the shape it is today. Perhaps the key competition statute – the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) – would not even have been enacted (...)

Date 20 November 2019
Author(s): Adrian Emch, Wendy Ng (Editors)
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Price 65€00 Les accords de report d’entrée

Les accords de report d’entrée (pay-for-delay) sont des accords conclus dans le secteur pharmaceutique. Conçus par les laboratoires princeps, ils ont pour objet ou pour effet de retarder l’entrée de (...)

Date 9 January 2019
Author(s): Walid Chaiehloudj
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Price 230€00 Frédéric Jenny Liber Amicorum

Dr. Frédéric Jenny is the Renaissance man of competition policy. As an economist, scholar, judge and enforcer, he has helped transform the landscape of global competition enforcement. In the first (...)

Date 1 January 2019
Author(s): Nicolas Charbit, Sonia Ahmad (Editors)
Price 230€00
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Price 65€00 Buyer Power in EU Competition Law

The thesis presents a comprehensive and cross-sectional discussion of buyer power to determine the legal regulation of buyer conducts under EU competition law. It focuses on four main research (...)

Date 31 October 2017
Author(s): Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui
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