Key differences between Review and Bulletin

  Review Bulletin
Language English / French  English
Contents 14,000 Articles and Case summaries 24,000 Case summaries
Format  4 000 to 20 000 characters 3 000 to 4 000 characters
Authors 1 500 3 000
Coverage EU & France (mainly, some other jurisdictions such as US and Asia) 110 countries
Periodicity Quarterly Weekly
From 2004 1911
Support Print/online online
Boards See Board Members list See Board Members list
Key feature #1 Read every quarter detailed analysis of antitrust and regulatory cases from EU and French authorities and courts (and access to the decisions in their original language) Read every week English summaries of antitrust and regulatory cases from authorities and courts from 85 jurisdictions (and access to the decisions in their original language). Strong emphasis on national courts cases.
Key feature #2 Keep abreast of competition law trends thanks to Interviews, On-Topics, Articles and Books sections Easy comparison of solutions adopted by European and foreign jurisdictions and authorities in similar issues to take advantage of similarities or differences
Key feature #3 Articles by prestigious EU and US academics and enforcers: Ian Forrester, Douglas Ginsburg, Herbert Hovenkamp, Laurence Idot, Frédéric Jenny, Isabelle de Silva, Marc van der Woude, Nils Wahl, Wouter Wills, Joshua Wright... Articles by leading EU and US practitioners: Peter Alexiadis, Georges Carry, Maurits Dolmans, Mark Gidley, Michael Hausfeld, Nicholas Levy, Mario Siragusa, Johan Ysewyn...
Key feature #4 Quarterly general issues Weekly News or Special issues (Gun-jumping, Judicial review, Online platforms, Remedies etc.)
Key feature #5 One-stop search by legal topic, business sector or country id.