Global Antitrust Hot Topics : EU, US & Global Perspectives - 2015

Conférence organisée par Concurrences en partenariat avec Baker Botts.

Three Key Issues For Antitrust : Eu Impact On Globalization, Role Of China, And, Populism

The EU impact on globalization, the role of China and Populism ; here are the three key issues for antitrust in that uncertain era, according to Prof. Alan Riley. An analysis of the state of competition worldwide shows that the global competition model is European, not American. And the latest European global outreach is in respect of antitrust damages litigation. What can be seen as technical provisions is actually a catalyst for a much more substantial development of national damages regimes. At the European level, there is a danger of ‘damages competition’ between States, which is likely to encourage greater and greater waves of litigation across the continent. But the influence of the European model will lead to its likely adoption by non-EU countries, opening up the prospect of many more global damages campaigns worldwide in major price-fixing and abuse of dominance cases.

Concerning China, the question is how influential will Chinese competition policy be globally in the future. Being a net exporter of capital since 2014, China could disrupt the Washington-Brussels consensus with advocacy of a more interventionist, public policy based, antitrust approach. But M. Riley argues against this outcome, due to the lack of interest for China to support a more interventionist form of antitrust which hands more discretion to local antitrust agencies and courts.

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