What is Trump Antitrust?

Change is in the air and it is coming to antitrust and competition policy in the United States. The unexpected election of President-elect Donald J. Trump opened wide the speculation or mystery about what he and his advisors are planning concerning his administration’s antitrust policy. During the election campaign, President-Elect Trump did not address much the issue of antitrust enforcement. Former enforcers, senior antitrust experts from international companies, lawyers from law firms and high profile academics provide their opinions on what will, and what should antitrust enforcement look like in a Trump administration, which changes should be expected in term of policy, merger control, international cooperation and the likes.

A preliminary view Christopher J. Meyers Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond Washington 1. Our world feels like it is changing at an unprecedented rate. Those rapid changes have created radical shifts in how we view it. Particularly for the United States, which long played the role of undisputed global leader, this new world order is generating deep anxiety, for its citizens and the country. Why do we face such income inequality? What do we do about the shrinking middle class? Is our form of democracy captured and ineffective? Is globalism good or bad, and is it inevitable either way? Has capitalism failed? These questions prey on us daily. The unsatisfying answers to many of these questions are the reason for the increase in populism and nationalism in the

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Logan M. Breed, Alden F. Abbott, Scott Andrew Sher, Joseph Farrell, Michael D. Hausfeld, Richard S. Taffet, Agathe Richard, Albert A. Foer, Sharis A. Pozen, John DeQ. Briggs, Janet L. McDavid, Michael Carrier, William H. Rooney, Michael L. Weiner, Aidan Synnott, James Langenfeld, John Kwoka, Bonny Sweeney, Alvaro Ramos, Mark D. Whitener, Donald C. Klawiter, Bradley T. Tennis, Ben Labow, Christopher Meyers, James Tierney, Michael P. Lehmann, What is Trump Antitrust?, November 2016, Concurrences Review Nº 4-2016, Art. N° 82309, www.concurrences.com

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