Public Procurement, Innovation and Policy - International Perspectives

Veiko Lember, Rainer Kattel, Tarmo Kalvet

This book maps the latest developments in public procurement of innovation policy in various contexts and analyzes the evolution and development of the various policy solutions in broader institutional contexts. In doing so, it addresses significant theoretical and practical gaps: On the one hand, there is an emerging interest in public procurement as a policy tool for spurring innovation; yet on the other hand, the current theory, with some notable exceptions, is guided and often constrained by historical applications, above all in the defence industries. By carefully examining the cases of eleven countries, the book points to the existence of much more nuanced public procurement on the innovation policy landscape than has been acknowledged in the academic and policy debates to date.

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  • Shue Yan University (Hong Kong)


Knut Fournier, Public Procurement, Innovation and Policy - International Perspectives, February 2016, Concurrences Review N° 1-2016, Art. N° 77977, pp. 263-264

Publisher Springer

Date: 30 September 2013

Number of pages 320

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