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See version in english EC Competition Law Handbook, Marc VAN DER WOUDE, Christopher JONES

LIVRES : VAN DER WOUDE Marc, JONES Christopher, CHARBIT Nicolas, Sweet & Maxwell, 2015

EC Competition Law Handbook, Marc VAN DER WOUDE, Christopher JONES, Nicolas CHARBIT

Marc van der Woude

Cette rubrique recense et commente les ouvrages et autres publications en droit de la concurrence, droit & économie de la concurrence et en droit de la régulation. Une telle recension ne peut par nature être exhaustive et se limite donc à présenter quelques publications récentes dans ces matières. Auteurs et éditeurs peuvent envoyer les ouvrages à l’intention du responsable de cette rubrique :

The EU Competition Law Handbook provides a comprehensive digest of Commission decisions and competition cases before the EU and national courts, conveniently cross-referenced by subject matter, for the swift location of the full list of relevant case-law, regulations and notices. The Handbook is published every year since 1990, each edition updating the previous edition to include all developments in the field. There are three sections to the Handbook : “General Competition Rules” ; “Mergers and Acquisitions” ; the third section comprising tables of cases and legislation. This established title is highly regarded among competition lawyers as a research tool for the identification of the key competition cases and legislation. The Handbook takes the pain out of research by identifying the key cases and legislation relevant to specific subjects and keywords under the broad spectrum of competition law.

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Nicolas Charbit, EC Competition Law Handbook, Marc VAN DER WOUDE, Christopher JONES, Nicolas CHARBIT, February 2016, Concurrences Review N° 1-2016, Art. N° 77983, p. 265

Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Date 23 November 2009

Number of pages 709

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