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See version in english EU Competition Law – Volume I

BIBLIOGRAPHIE : BELLODI Leonardo et TOSATO Gian Luigi, Claeys & Casteels Publishers, 2e éd., 2014, 950 p.

EU Competition Law – Volume I Procedure : Antitrust, Merger, State Aid

Gian Luigi Tosato, Leonardo Bellodi

With the adoption of Regulation 1/2003 at the end of 2002, along with Regulation 773/2004 and Regulation 794/2004 in April 2004, the procedures organizing the enforcement of EU competition law, at both the national and European level, have undergone a major transformation. In particular, these reforms have made Article 101 and Article 102 TFEU directly applicable in full, changed the manner in which undertakings might get legal security regarding their agreements, and provided for a much greater role in Community competition law enforcement for national competition authorities. This second edition gives a complete working guide to these new procedures, as well as a detailed examination of court case law in this complex and important area of law.

Contents include :

  • the reform process
  • scope
  • complaints
  • powers of investigation
  • decisions
  • exemption regulations
  • decentralized application
  • internal cooperation
  • mergers
  • state aid procedures
  • judicial protection at the European level
  • the UK and the Italian system
  • private enforcement : antitrust damages actions

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Stéphane Rodrigues, EU Competition Law – Volume I , January 2015, Concurrences Review N° 1-2015, Art. N° 70695, p. 261

Publisher Claeys & Casteels

Date 1 May 2006

Number of pages 705

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