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See version in english Brazilian Competition Law: A Practitioner’s Guide

BIBLIOGRAPHIE : MOLAN GABAN Eduardo et OLIVEIRA DOMINGUES Juliana, Kluwer Law International, 2013, 434 p.

Brazilian Competition Law : A Practitioner’s Guide, Eduardo MOLAN GABAN et Juliana OLIVEIRA DOMINGUES

Eduardo Molan Gaban, Juliana Oliveira Domingues

In December 2011, the renowned Brazilian competition law practitioners Eduardo Molan Gaban and Juliana Oliveira Domingues published a book called Antitrust Law in Brazil. Fighting Cartels. It was the first publication to give an overview of the question. Following the book’s success, the authors decided to analyze other aspects of Brazilian competition law. Indeed, Brazil is a growing global economic power and its competition system evolves quickly.

This book is divided in four parts. The first recalls the evolution of the Brazilian competition policy while at the same time explaining the principles applied in Brazilian legal order for the control of mergers and behaviors of undertakings. The second stresses the role of Brazilian competition law in the world by looking at the bilateral and regional agreements that are concluded. The third part gives a picture of the new trends and issues that may arise in practice such as private damages and the relations between competition and intellectual property. The fourth part is an analysis of some case studies (e.g. mergers, leniency).

We strongly recommend this book to anyone who has a keen interest in new competition systems, since it cross-fertilizes to look at new competition rules and issues that arise in the Brazilian legal order. Moreover, this book thoroughly examines the Brazilian competition regime and its procedure. Finally, this study may inspire competition practitioners and researchers as it makes comparisons between EU and U.S. competition legal regimes.

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David Leys, Brazilian Competition Law: A Practitioner’s Guide, Eduardo MOLAN GABAN et Juliana OLIVEIRA DOMINGUES , February 2014, Concurrences Review N° 1-2014, Art. N° 62424, p. 264

Publisher Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

Date 17 September 2013

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