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What is Concurrences?

A quarterly peer-reviewed journal

Concurrences is a print and online quarterly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to EU and national competitions laws. Launched in 2004 as the flagship of the Institute of Competition Law the journal provides a forum for both practitioners and academics to shape national and EU competitions policy. In a few years, its articles and research programs have influenced legal theory and practice, occasionally effecting change in public policy or specific cases.

Its influence and expertise has garnered exclusive interviews with figures such as Christine Lagarde, Mario Monti and Nicolas Sarkozy. The International Committee actively promotes Concurrences outside Europe by seeking non-European authors and organizing conferences, workshops and in-house seminars abroad. Each year, the Concurrences Award honors outstanding academic achievement.

As a publication by an independent think tank, Concurrences enjoys unmatched editorial freedom. The Scientific Committee sets up the Editorial Policy and ensures rigorous peer-review in order to achieve the highest academic standards. As impartial reviewers, members of the Scientific Committee Members are charged with carefully evaluating the quality of the submitted manuscripts. The Committee checks manuscripts for accuracy and assess the validity of the research methodology and procedures. If appropriate, the Committee suggests revisions. If the Committee finds an article lacking in scholarly validity and rigor, the Committee rejects it. The Committee sets the order of publication of the selected papers and proposes online or print publication. The Committee sets the date of release. Scientific Committee members receive no remuneration from Concurrences Review. The decisions of its members reflect their own personal opinions. All views expressed are strictly personal, and should not be construed as reflecting the opinion of its Members’ institutions.


In order to balance academic contributions with opinions or legal practice notes, Concurrences provides its insight and analysis in a number of formats:

- Forewords: Opinions by leading academics or enforcers
- Interviews: Interviews with antitrust experts
- On-Topic: Sets of 4 to 6 short papers on hot issues
- Law & Economics: Short papers written by economists
- Articles: Long academic papers
- Case Summaries: Commentary on important EU and French case law
- Legal Practice: Short papers for in-house counsel
- International: Medium length papers on international policies
- Books Review (Free access): Summaries of recent antitrust books
- Articles Review (Free access): Presentation of leading articles published in 45 journals

On line version: Concurrences+

Since 2004, Concurrences has published 15000 articles, print and/or online. Approximately 25% of these articles have been released online only for lack of space in print volumes in Concurrences+. This electronic supplement concerns all conference papers and various articles from the journal’s sections: Forewords, Interviews, Law & Economics, Doctrines, Legal Practice, International... Quarterly issues provide current coverage, with contributions from the EU or other countries thanks to more than 800 authors in Europe and abroad. Approximately 25% of the contributions are published in English and 75% in French, as the language of the EU Court of justice; all contributions have English abstracts. About 95% of the articles published are proprietary contributions; the remaining contributions from Prof. Wouter Wils concern EU procedural issues (English only), Prof. Laurence Idot (English and French ), Prof. Didider Ferrier and his team on French distribution and restrictive practices issues (French only), and, Alain Ronzano (over 3000 case summaries on EU and French competition laws).

Write for Concurrences

Concurrences welcome spontaneous contributions. Except in rare circumstances, the journal accepts only unpublished articles, whatever the form and nature of the contribution. The Editorial Board checks the form of the proposals, and then submits these to the Scientific Committee. Selection of the papers is conditional to a peer review by at least two members of the Committee. Within a month, the Committee assesses whether the draft article can be published and notifies the author. The author then formally agrees not to publish the article elsewhere. The Committee sets the order of publication of the selected articles, proposes on line or/and print publishing and sets the date of publication (see the Editorial Policy).

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- Concurrences print version : ISSN 1773-9578
- Concurrences online version: ISSN 2116-0090