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Subsidies, loans and public investments: What’s new under the revised EU State aid rules?

Law & Economics Workshop with Leo Flynn (European Commission), Boubakar Dione (Bpifrance), Nicole Robins (Oxera), and Michel Debroux (DS Avocats). Photos © Emilie Gomez.

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Nicole Robins (Oxera), Michel Debroux (DS Avocats) Michel Debroux (DS Avocats), Boubakar Dione (Bpifrance) Dr. Clemens Ziegler (Hogan Lovells), Brian Byrne (Baker Botts) Adina Claici (DG COMP), Nicole Robins (Oxera) Brian Byrne (Baker Botts), Leo Flynn (European Commission) D. Berhin (McKinsey), J-M. Salva & M. Debroux (DS Avocats) Attendees J-M. Salva (DS Avocats), D.Strohl (Concurrences), M.Debroux (...) Attendee and Leo Flynn (European Commission) Leo Flynn, Boubakar Dione, Nicole Robins, Michel Debroux Opening remarks from Nicolas Charbit (Concurrences) Michel Debroux (DS Avocats) Audience Leo Flynn (European Commission) Simone Gambuto (Macchi di Cellere Gangemi) Leo Flynn (European Commission) Nicole Robins (Oxera) Attendees Nicole Robins (Oxera) Boubakar Dione (Bpifrance) Attendee Boubakar Dione (Bpifrance) Hannelore Wiame (Baker & McKenzie), Daniel Berhin (McKinsey) Question from Adina Claici (DG COMP) Answer by Boubakar Dione (Bpifrance) Question from Dr. Clemens Ziegler (Hogan Lovells) Question from Bernard Tézé (DS Avocats) Answer by Boubakar Dione (Bpifrance) Attendee and Boubakar Dione (Bpifrance) Michel Debroux (DS Avocats), Nicole Robins (Oxera)