What is the e-Competitions Free version?

You are welcome to register below to the free version of the e-Competitions lattest "News" issue. This will provide you with free but restricted access to the lattest "News" issue of the bulletin; you will also receive all our e-mail alerts. This free licence does not extend to the "Special" issues.

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The Free version in a nutshell <pub_free_version|>

What are the differences with the Full version ?

The Full version provides subscribers with:

- Access to the archives (12000 articles as of 1st April 2015)
- Link to the commented case
- Links to the texts and cases cited in the comments
- Links towards the authors’ CVs and e-mails
- pdf printable versions
- Access to the "Special" issues (published every 2 weeks)

Why are we doing it?

To have the broadest audience possible. We whish to share information with those who cannot afford the price of the full e-Competitions subscription and to attract new subscriptions. The e-Competitions Project is first of all a Web 2.0 academic project; our primary aim is to disseminate information on competition laws. On the other hand, the Project generates IT and copyrights costs and must therefore continue to attract paying subscribers. The free access version is designed in order to answer these two conflicting needs: share the information with the greatest number; maintain paying subscription and partners’ interest in the Project.

More on "open access" policies: In order to read about other added-value journal open access policies, see, among others websites: Oxford University Press; Public Library of Science; Social Science Research Network.... e-Competitions will be the first added-value online journal in free access in the competition law field. Please note that "open access", "free access" or "free version" does not mean "free of copyrights". IDC implement a strict copyrights policy.

For other free access antitrust online resources on our website, visit:

- 2600 antitrust experts CVs: e-Competitions authors, Concurrences authors
- EU Competition Glossary: 140 key competition terms
- Conferences Calendar : Events in 80 countries

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