January 1995

Anticompetitive practices

The US Court of appeals devotes prevailing application of labor law in labor practices that restrain competition in sports (National Basketball Association v. L Williams)
Infinitum Legal Services
Infinitum Legal Services (Istanbul)
The NBA v. Williams case (45 F.3d 684 (2d Cir. 1995), by the US court of Appeals is one of the rare cases in which the lawfulness of the practice of ‘multiemployer bargaining’, traditionally governed by labor law, challenged fundamental competition law principles, stemming from the Sherman Act (...)

The European Commission issues a negative clearance comfort letter concerning a purchasing agreement between the largest Danish dairy producer and a retail chain (MD Foods amba/Forenede Danske Brugsforeninger)
DG COMP (Brussels)
"Exclusive dealing"* In a case concerning a notification of a purchasing agreement between the largest Danish dairy producer, MD Foods amba, and the retail chain, Forenede Danske Brugsforeninger (FDB), the Commission issued a negative clearance comfort letter, but only after the agreement had (...)


The Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of England & Wales refers to the ECJ on the fact for parties to an agreement to use allegations of breach of competition law to avoid honouring their obligations under a commercial contract (SUNAG)
Reed Smith (London)
Compagnia di Navigazione Maritime Sri & Others (EGP Group) and Andrew Merzario & Others (non-EGP Group), nickname (SUNAG). This was a commercial private arbitration case which ended up before the English High Court, Queen Bench Division (Case C-339/95), and was referred to the European (...)

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