Bálint Bassola

Jalsovszky (Budapest)
Lawyer (Counsel)

Bálint is external legal counsel assisting the firm in its competition law matters. During his carreer Bálint has practiced as competition lawyer both at a global and at a regional law firm. Previously, he worked as a case handler at the Hungarian Competition Authority. Bálint advises on EU and Hungarian competition law issues, including merger control, cartel proceedings, unfair manipulation of business choice, consumer protection, as well as advertising and marketing law.

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Hungarian Competition Authority (Budapest)


28649 Bulletin

Bálint Bassola A Hungarian Appeal Court upholds the NCA decision fining EUR 28 M construction companies in several public procurement procedures for motorway-construction (Betonút, Debmút, Egút, Hídépítő, Strabag)


Facts of the case July, August 2002: the National Motorway Co Ltd (NM) issues invitations to motorway construction works February 2003: ex-officio proceedings of the GVH commenced in order to establish whether the construction companies committed collusive bidding September and October (...)

Bálint Bassola The Hungarian NCA holds that the professional rules of book publishers and retailers association restrict competition (Association of Book Publishers and Book Retailers-MKKE)


The Competition Council of the Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal - GVH) established in its decision, issued on 11 April 2006, that certain provisions of “The rules concerning competition of Hungarian publishing and bookselling” of the Hungarian Association of Book (...)

Bálint Bassola "Modernization" of the Hungarian Competition Act


Act LVII of 1996 on the prohibition of unfair and restrictive market practices ( Hungarian Competition Act, Consolidated version effective as of 1 November 2005 Note In 2005 important provisions of the Hungarian Competition Act (hereinafter “HCA”) were amended . Also, new rules about the (...)

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