Aymeric Louvet

Cabinet KLYB (Montpellier), Centre de Droit de l’Entreprise (Montpellier)

With a Master’s degree in company law (DJCE) from the Montpellier Faculty of Law and a specialist diploma in distribution law, Aymeric Louvet is one of KLYB’s two co-founding partners. After practising for a time in Paris, Aymeric worked for 11 years within the distribution, competition, intellectual property and NICT department of the Fidal law firm in Montpellier, his native region. With specialist knowledge of distribution networks and intellectual property and NICT law, he has extensive and specific experience in the sectors of viticulture and wine-making, IT, Internet, innovative firms and sport. He provides advice to project stakeholders, SMEs and major groups, and is regularly involved with chambers of commerce and industry, professional federations and the Faculty of Law in Montpellier.


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