Philippe Wery

Arendt & Medernach (Luxembourg)

Philippe Wery founded ID4Green in 2010, having previously worked as managing director for an international group operating in the photovoltaic and roofing sector and for a solar panel manufacturer. Previously, Philippe was employed at the EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India & Africa) head office of a leading textiles company and worked for 10 years at a ‘Big Four’ international audit and consultancy firms. He also is lecturer and teacher in cost & performance management in business school.

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6501 Bulletin

Philippe Wery, Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch, Vincent Wellens The Antwerp Commercial Court considers prices that do not comply with regulatory pricing obligations to be excessive under Belgian competition law (Base / Belgacom)


Facts of the case 1. In 2007, a dispute arose between Base, one of the three main mobile telephone operators in Belgium, and Belgacom, the Belgian incumbent on the fixed telephone market. In a decision of 11 August 2006, the Institut belge des services postaux et des télécommunications (IBPT ), (...)

Philippe Wery, Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch The Luxembourg Minister of Economy intends to tackle unjustified price increases in the retail sector through the application of EC competition rules


1. On 29 February 2008 the Luxembourg Minister of Economic Affairs and the Minister of SMEs have made public a state of the play of the “Action Plan against Excessive Inflation” (Plan d’action contre une inflation excessive) of the Luxembourg government, in which competition law seems to play a (...)

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