Marius Juonys

Valiunas Ellex (Vilnius)
Lawyer (Partner)

Marius Juonys is partner at Valiunas Ellex (Vilnius). He has 16 year of experience in wide range of competition, public procurement projects and International, EU and domestic trade. His experience in competition covers most of the business processes. Among his professional strengths are coordination and documentation of complicated cases of competition law, international, EU and domestic trade, understanding of the business operations of the client and business needs as well as proved excellent communication skills with international and local enterprises, their in-house and external counsels and public authorities of Lithuania. Marius Juonys is partner at Valiunas Ellex (Lithuania)


123 Bulletin

Marius Juonys The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania draws the limitations of the Competition Authority’s discretion to close the investigation under the Rules of Procedure (Viasat)


Viasat case is a national precedent setting the boundaries of the discretion of Lithuania competition authority to close the investigation subject to undertakings. In 2009 Lithuanian competition authority launched an investigation into the alleged infringement of Article 102 TFEU and its (...)

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