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Luís D. S. Morais

Lawyer (Partner)

Luís Silva Morais/Sérgio Gonçalves do Cabo (Lisbon)

Luís Domingos Silva Morais was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in October 2, 1966. Doctor in Law (PhD) (2005) (Thesis, “Joint Ventures in EC Competition Law”) - University of Lisbon Law School (FDL), where he also obtained his Law Degree and concluded his Masters degree in Law (1996) (Thesis, “Merger Control and Competition Policy in the EC”). He has served in several graduation courses in Portuguese and foreign Universities. Author of numerous books and multiple articles in the field of Finance Law, Economic Law, EC Law and, in particular, Competition Law. Professor at University of Lisbon Law School (FDL), Professor at the Department of European Studies of FDL (“Instituto Europeu”) and at Department of Economic, Finance and Tax Law of FDL (“Instituto de Direito Económico Financeiro e Fiscal” - “IDEFF”). Vice-President of IDEFF and Member of the Board of Directors of IE. Founding member and General Secretary of the Inter-Universities Association of European Studies (“AREP”). Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association since 1990, having practised mainly in the areas of Economic Law, Financial Law, EC Law and both EC and Portuguese Competition Law (e.g. monitoring several multinational concentration control procedures). Member of the Board of Directors and of the Supervisory Board in several companies - 1991-1995. Legal Consultant of the Board of Directors of FINANGESTE - Empresa Financeira de Gestão e Desenvolvimento, [a financial institution controlled by the Portuguese Central Bank (Bank of Portugal) - 1990-1995]. Chief of Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Treasury and Finance, 1995-1998. Member of the Board of Directors [Executive Member] of the Portuguese Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Pension Funds (“Instituto de Seguros de Portugal”) (1998-1999-2000). First Vice-President of IAIFA (International Association Against Fraud in Insurance) - 1998-2001. Vice-President of the Economic and Financial Council of the Ministry of Finance - Special Advisory Unit for the Privatization of Public Companies since 2001. He has been a member of several Ministerial Working Groups that prepared draft laws in various economic areas, including, e.g., as member of the Ministerial Working Group that prepared the Portuguese Securities Law (“Código dos Valores Mobiliários”), until 1998, as member of the Ministerial Working Group that prepared the Portuguese Law on State-Owned Companies (1998-1999), and as member of the Ministerial Working Group that prepared the General Law on the Management of State-Owned Companies and other Public Institutions (2006). He is a frequent speaker in leading Conferences on Economic and EC Law. Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish.

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