David Stallibrass

First Principles Economics (FPE)
Director, Founder

David has over 15 years experience as a practicing competition economist. From 2014 to 2017 David worked as a Director at Fingleton Associates, advising senior management of major international firms on their regulatory strategies. From 2011 to 2014 David worked as a consultant in China where he was the first economist to testify before both a regional high-court and the Supreme Peoples Court of China in an antitrust dispute. Previously he worked in a number of roles at the UK Office of Fair Trading such as Director responsible for consumer protection and competition enforcement in the health and professional services industries; Assistant Director responsible for the OFT’s investigation into bank charges; Senior Economic Advisor on a wide range of investigations and mergers; and Head of Strategy. David has degrees from Oxford University and the London School of Economics, has published a number of articles on antitrust and regulation, and is a regular guest lecturer at universities and conferences.


1516 Bulletin

David Stallibrass The Chinese MOFCOM imposes complex behavioural remedies after identifying potential concerns about impact on competition in the import to China of soy beans (Marubeni / Gavilon)


On the 23rd April 2013 MOFCOM published its 2nd merger decision of the year. It was a clearance, with conditions, of the merger between Marubeni Corp, a publicly listed company headquartered in Japan, and Gavilon Holdings LLC, a privately held company based in the USA. Process The parties (...)


China’s Anti-Monopoly Law : The First Five Years

It probably goes without saying that anti-monopoly law and practice are of very recent vintage in China. In August 2008, 118 years after the Sherman Act and 50 years after the Treaty of Rome, (...)

Author(s) : Adrian Emch, David Stallibrass
Date 24 July 2013
ISBN 978-9041141217
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