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See version in english Global Antitrust Law - Current issues in Antitrust Law and Economics

Global Antitrust Law. Current issues in Antitrust Law and Economics

Douglas Ginsburg, Joshua Wright, Nicolas Charbit, Elisa Ramundo, Duy Pham

Concurrences Review in partnership with the Global Antitrust Institute of the Law & Economics Center held the Global Antitrust Economics Conference at George Mason University School of Law on May 29,2015. The conference featured keynote speech from Maureen Ohlhausen, Commissioner of the US Federal Trade Commission, and five panels of prominent speakers that engaged in a heated debate about the different aspects of Antitrust Law and Economics.

This book presents contributions on five current issues in Antitrust and Law & Economics :

• Use and abuse of economic evidence in antitrust cases
• Market definition v. Market power : Can they be reconciled ?
• Coordination issues : Information exchange and price signaling
• Negotiating settlements & remedies : Do you really need to consent ?
• Corporate liability & individual liability : Double-paying ?

Editor Concurrences

Date 1 January 2016

Number of pages 148