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e-Competitions Bulletin

e‑Competitions is the first database on antitrust caselaws. More than 12000 case summaries from 2600 experts in 55 countries. Bulletin published in English every week (News Issue / Special Issue).

The US Supreme Court hears arguments before deciding on whether post-expiration license royalty obligations are caught in the web of patent policies or antitrust analysis (Kimble / Marvel Enterprises)
31 March 2015
Seth D. Greenstein

Concurrences Journal

Concurrences is a journal dedicated to EU and national antitrust laws. Published every 3 months, print & online. 15330 articles by more than 1150 authors. Articles in French or English.

Merger control in Hong Kong: Towards a global convergence of telecom merger remedies?
Knut Fournier
Concurrences N° 1-2015

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