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e-Competitions Bulletin

e‑Competitions is an antitrust case law database. Over 13000 case summaries from 2900 experts in 55 countries. Published every week: News Issue or Special Issue. Articles in English.

An overview of EU and national case law

1 December 2016
Jean-Paul Tran Thiet, Orion Berg, Laetitia Ghebali

Concurrences Review

Concurrences is a review dedicated to EU and national antitrust laws. Published every 3 months, print & online. Over 15000 articles by 1200 authors. Articles in French or English.

OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE: What is Trump antitrust?
Concurrences Review N° 4-2016
Christopher Meyers, Donald Klawiter, Janet McDavid, Sharis Pozen, Joseph Farrell…


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12th Annual Asian Competition Forum
05.12.2016, Hong Kong
Competition Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector Conference
06.12.2016, Brussels
2nd Conference “Antimonopoly Policy: Science, Education, Practice”
06.12.2016, Moscow
Economic Developments in European Competition Policy
07.12.2016, Brussels
How to clear a megamerger – Insights from the AB InBev/SABMiller multijurisdictional merger control process
08.12.2016, Brussels
Last developments on the European Competition Law
09.12.2016, Brussels
State Aids and fiscal ruling: Towards a review of international tax rules?
12.12.2016, Paris
87th Lunch Talk of the GCLC: The Fate of Complaints in the post-Modernization Context: What Complainants Should Know
12.12.2016, Brussels
Arbitration meets the Competition Authorities
13.12.2016, Brussels
Making markets work well for consumers, businesses and the UK economy
15.12.2016, London
12th GCLC Annual Conference
26.01.2017, Brussels
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