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e‑Competitions is the first database on antitrust caselaws. More than 12000 case summaries from 2600 experts in 55 countries. Bulletin published in English every week (News Issue / Special Issue).

The US Supreme Court is given the possibility to clarify the application of the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvement Act (AU Optronics; Motorola Mobility)
16 March 2015
Jeffrey May

Concurrences Journal

Concurrences is a journal dedicated to EU and national antitrust laws. Published every 3 months, print & online. 15330 articles by more than 1150 authors. Articles in French or English.

Conditional pricing : Why the General Court is wrong in Intel and what the Court of Justice can do to rebalance the assessment of rebates
Luc Peeperkorn
Concurrences N° 1-2015


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China Anti-Trust
02.04.2015, Shanghai
Platforms regulation and digital services
07.04.2015, Paris
Infrastructure Funding in Compliance with State Aid Rules
09.04.2015, Munich
Exchange of information in the course of merger
10.04.2015, Paris
IP & Antitrust USA
14.04.2015, Washington, DC
63rd Antitrust Law Spring Meeting
15.04.2015, Washington, DC
Restriction of competition by object or by effect: What else?
17.04.2015, Paris
New Challenges for Fiscal Aids : Tax Rulings are back
20.04.2015, Brussels
The Future of Competition Law and Policy in the ASEAN Countries
23.04.2015, Singapore
Bergen Competition Policy Conference
24.04.2015, Bergen
15th Annual Loyola Antitrust Colloquium
24.04.2015, Chicago
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